Transfer Students

The University of Mississippi

UM Transfer Course Equivalencies

Agreements with Highland Community College - Illinois

EO/FICE Code: C001681

Highland Community College - Illinois Course(s) UM Equivalent Credits
COL 160 — Career/Life Planning UM 1XX – Generic 100 Level General University 1.00
ENG 101 — College English I Writ 101 – First-Year Writing I [UM Catalog] 3.00
MAT 100 — Beginning Algebra No Credit – No UM Credit (UG) 0.00
MUS 268 — Music of the USA MUS:CLSS 2XX – Generic 200 Level Music Class 3.00
PE 113 — First Aid and Safety HP 1XX – Generic 100 Level Health Promotion 3.00
PE 140 — Adv Weightlift/cond EL 251 – Advanced Weight Lifting [UM Catalog] 1.00
PHYD 227 — Sports Officiating EL 2XX – Generic 200 Level Exercise & Leisure Act 1.00
EL 233 – Sports Officiating I [UM Catalog] 2.00
PSY 101 — General Psychology Psy 201 – General Psychology [UM Catalog] 3.00

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